The Original Bee's Wax Renew - 2 Cases, 24 Cans

The Original Bee's Wax Renew - 2 Cases, 24 Cans
$ 249.00

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We’re excited to announce our first-ever new product since The Original Bee’s Wax was released in 1974. After extensive formulation and testing to create a product worthy of The Original Bee’s Wax name, we’re happy to reveal Bee’s Wax Renew. Renew is an amazing new product designed to bring back the original look of wood surfaces using a spray-on application. Older, dried-out, faded, and otherwise deteriorated wood surfaces can often benefit from a deep conditioning before polishing. Ideal for enhancing the natural beauty of wood surfaces, Renew was specifically formulated to help restore lustre by adding oils and natural beeswax to the surface.