Fryer Puck Deep Fryer Cleaner

Fryer Puck Deep Fryer Cleaner
$ 22.99

FRYER PUCK® Concentrated Fryer Cleaner Tablets are a heavy duty detergent formulated to meet the toughest cleaning jobs. Fryer Puck® Concentrated Fryer Cleaner Tablets have excellent cleaning capacity and high soil, fat and grease tolerance. Solutions last longer to give greater economy than ordinary cleaners.

FRYER PUCK® is excellent for use in gas fryers, deep fryers, french fryers, electric fryers, countertop fryers, fish fryers, donut fryers, chicken fryers, pressure cookers and tortilla chip fryers.

Features and Benefits:

  • Low foaming tablets
  • Reduce energy costs and extend shortening life
  • Enhance food quality and taste