Breakdown Active Bacteria Odor Eliminator, 18 oz Can

$ 34.99

BREAKDOWN is an active bacteria designed for easy application on carpets and upholstery to eliminate organic odors. This product will effectively counteract pet and body odors. It can also be used in kennels, bathrooms, trash receptacles and kitchen areas. The unique inverted valve provides easy application. It can also be used as a laundry prespotter to remove organically-based odors.

Areas of Use:

  • Kennels
  • Veterinary Clinics
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Restaurants
  • Trash Receptacles
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Carpet & Upholstery
  • Cleaning Contractors
  • Car Detailers

Features and Benefits:

  • Live bacteria biologically destroy odors, even those from pet urine
  • Removes organic odors from carpet, textiles and washable fabrics
  • Easy to use—simply point and spray
  • Utilizes natural organisms to digest odor-causing material